The Forest, The Magic, and The CVI

When you are in front of the window at The CVI looking out to the forest you feel so alive; behind the trees, mother earth is awakening with spring in her hand and giving us a big smile. Here at The Culinary Vegetable Institute we humbly serve to nature and respectfully interpret its offerings by telling stories on a plate. Many occasions and opportunities give us a chance to share this magic with friends of The CVI, such as Earth to Table dinners which are held every month and highlight the best chefs from all over the world. During Earth to Table Dinners guests have the privilege to taste great food, engaging in wonderful conversation and make new friends. We all know food brings people together and The Culinary Vegetable Institute brings the culinary world to you. Stop waiting, come and join us to share the food, magic, laughter, and life on April 5, celebrating Chef Ryan McCasky from Acadia.  Hope to see you there!