Per Se Meets CVI

We had one of the most anticipated nights at the CVI Food Lab at Culinary Vegetable Institute on February 5th, 2015. Collaboration between Chef Eli Kaimeh of Per Se and Chef Jamie Simpson of Culinary Vegetable Institute crafted masterful dishes which were served to thirty very special guests, featuring Steelite International plateware. The harmony between chefs and the flow of the menu was orchestrated and executed perfectly. When I look back I see white and blue aprons, chefs who are dedicated to their craft, respect each other, and focus on two common goals, creating the perfect plate and perfect experience. As guests were leaving, their happiness was reflecting from the walls, mirrors, windows, soft touches to chefs shoulders to say thank you or shaking hands and telling them how humbled they were by the meal they just received.

This night made me think deeply about the kind of story that we are all writing and telling of life. I thought about what of this evening we would share and what made it so magical. Was it the food? Was it the drinks? Yes to all on some level but to me it was honestly the chefs who were in the kitchen, the guests who were in the dining room and the laughter, smiles, warm fire sparkling on the corner, it was happiness . Those things make moments like this one so much better and more magical than I think we plan as we put together details of an event, especially to us chefs!!!! Hard work well received.

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I invite you to watch “A Walk Through The Chef’s Garden”, the dish created by Jamie Simpson for the evening..

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When we speak of magic we should speak of those moments that were the purest. When the stars were bright, when the laughter was loud those are the most magical moments in life! “Food Brings People Together” right here at CVI Food Lab..